Most mechanics and experts at auto body shops are hardworking and decent folks. But, some mechanics have a reputation for taking liberties when diagnosing and fixing vehicle problems. They take advantage of the fact that most vehicle owners don’t know much about their vehicles. This enables them to lie to their clients and even inflate their bills. But, if careful, you can know when a mechanic decides to rip you off. Here are ways your mechanic could be ripping you off. 

You Should Replace Brake Rotors 

Many vehicle owners have been asked to replace the brake rotors of their vehicles when replacing their brake pads. But, this is not a must. If this is the first time you’re replacing brake pads, you might not need to replace the rotors. Therefore, check the rotors by rubbing them with your finger. If you don’t notice deep ridges on the rotors, there’s no need to replace them. Scrapping off the metal with a lathe is enough. 

You Need to Change Spark Plugs 

In the past, people changed spark plugs every year. That’s because old vehicle engines were not burning fuel efficiently. Therefore, carbon build-up damaged the spark plugs very quickly. However, this is not the case with modern vehicles. So, if you’ve not driven your car more than 100,000 miles when your mechanic asks you to change spark plugs, they could be ripping you off. Most likely, your car has another problem that the mechanic can’t diagnose. Therefore, seek a second opinion.

Scare Tactics 

If you’re mechanic says they can’t drive a vehicle in such condition, they are trying to scare you to invest in their services. A mechanic can even tell you that driving your car in its condition is against the traffic laws. If you meet such a mechanic, watch out. Go to another auto body shop or seek the opinion of another mechanic.

Just like you would do with your health, you should seek a second opinion if a mechanic tells you something you’re suspicious about. Visit a reputable auto body repair shop to get a genuine, professional diagnosis of the problem of your vehicle.