When it comes to auto body repair, many people are torn between OEM parts versus aftermarket parts. New parts are called the Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM parts. Used parts, on the other hand, are called aftermarket parts. Nevertheless, both OEM parts and aftermarket parts serve the same purpose. Both are feasible options when it comes to vehicle repair. As such, the choice of the parts to use in your vehicle repairs is up to you. Here are some of the things to know when choosing between OEM parts and aftermarket parts. 

OEM Parts 

OEM parts come from the manufacturer of your vehicle. That means third parties are not involved in their manufacture. As such, they are customized and specifically made for your vehicle model. They fit in your vehicle properly because of their special manufacturing and exclusivity. However, OEM parts cost a lot more than aftermarket parts. 

Aftermarket Parts 

Aftermarket parts are not from the manufacturer of your vehicle. Another company manufactures these parts. Essentially, aftermarket parts are made by a third party. And, their production is usually in high quantity. Nevertheless, they are made to fit different vehicles’ specifications. 

There are not specific aftermarket parts that are produced and customized for different models and makes of trucks and cars. But, aftermarket parts are considered similar to OEM parts when it comes to quality and type. Nevertheless, they are different. What’s more, aftermarket parts are cheaper than OEM parts. As such, they might not be a perfect fit for your vehicle. 

Both OEM parts and aftermarket parts are common in the current market. Auto body repair shops use both types of spare parts. However, your auto body shop should explain situations where OEM parts and aftermarket parts could be the best option depending on the repairs being done.