When an accident occurs, a question that many drivers and vehicle owners asks is, “will the auto body shop make my car look brand new?” Well, the answer to this question depends on several factors.

It’s important to note that auto body repair is an art. Just like in other professions, auto body repair has different skill levels. Professional auto body shops adhere to high quality service standards. However, you are the one to choose the auto body shop to repair your car after an accident. And, your auto body shop choice will have a significant impact on the outcome of the repair job.

Extent of the Damage

This is a major factor that will determine whether the auto body shop will make your car look brand new. An accident can leave your car with a minor scratch that will be easy to fix. However, the repair work may involve major parts’ replacement, mechanical components’ replacement and frame straightening.

Generally, most damage that occurs after an accident can be repaired. There are also insurance companies that consider up to 70% of damage repairable. Beyond this percentage, your vehicle might be totaled.

Other Factors

When picking the car at the auto body repair shop, the major things that you look at include body panels’ alignment, paint quality, and whether the trunk, doors, and hood are functioning properly. You also look inside the hood and truck for paint stains on rubber moldings.

But, to deliver excellent results when it comes to paintwork, the auto body shop that you choose must excel in paint matching. It must use computerized color matching systems. Additionally, the auto body shop must have technicians with the necessary skills for repairing panels when dented and replacing them when necessary.

In a nutshell, it’s possible for an auto body shop to restore the like-new look of your car after an accident. However, this depends on several factors including the skills or competency level of technicians at an auto body shop.